Types of Acne Scars

Scars area unit indications that the body has repaired itself in a technique or another, whether or not thanks to injury or infection. Once these events occur, the body’s white blood cells accumulate at the positioning to fight a lot of infections and repair the harm that has occurred.

Once that method is complete, scars usually type. This method is compared to a seam seamed on a torn piece of material. The skin (or seam) can ne’er be as sleek as before the harm.

There area unit kinds of skin problem scars and completely different degrees of every type. Some individuals could develop worse scars than others, reckoning on their individual tendencies.

Types of skin problem Scars
There area unit 2 differing kinds of skin problem scars. the primary sort, depressed scarring, is caused by tissue loss and therefore the second sort, keloids, is caused by tissue formation.

1) Depressed scars
This type of scar is caused by the stratum that’s attacked by toxins that shake off the skin. Once a cyst breaks, it expels pus, oil, bacteria, and different poisons into the encircling areas.

White blood cells rush to the positioning of infection to repair the skin. within the method, valuable albuminoid is lost, inflicting recessions or depressions within the skin. The skin higher than the lesion can develop scars, normally known as ice decide scars. Different styles of scars area unit soft, mascular and fibrous.

2) Keloids
This type of scarring is that the results of fibroblasts that the body triggers throughout the repair method. Once albuminoid begins to decrease, fibroblasts turn out excess albuminoid, leading to tissues known as keloids. Generally type within the human body and area unit sometimes known as hypertrophic scars.

Acne Scar Treatment
Consult your skin doctor concerning the simplest treatment for your individual scars. Be ready to speak concerning your feelings concerning the scars, the value of treatment, and what you wish the tip results of treatment to be. Your doctor can got to ask you concerning the severity and site of the scars, also because the sort of treatments out there.

Commonly requested scar treatments embody optical device, collagen, and remotion. Keloids area unit generally left alone if the doctor believes that treatment can cause different keloids to make. Keloids can sometimes be effectively remedied by the use of steroid injections.


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