Things you should never put on your face

Your face is one of the most visible and sensitive parts of your body, you must take care of it every day. You must know the mistakes you should not commit to not end up with irreversible results on your skin. It is a fact that the cosmetic industry is highly unregulated.

The Food and Drug Administration responsible for protecting the health of 400 million people, does not require skincare products to be examined before being available on the market. In order to preserve the health of your face, dermatologists have indicated 10 elements that you should never apply to your face.

Physical exfoliants

Physical exfoliation can cause irritation and dryness, particularly in colder months. Abrasive pads or wipes can also lead to skin condition such as eczema or acne.

Injection of permanent solutions

Botox is well known for removing wrinkles from the forehead and sagging skin on the upper face, although not only the toxic solution, poison can cause bruising, swelling, or double vision if the product crosses the target area and is found in the muscles that move the eyeball. These complications are irreversible.


Shampoos contain surfactants that remove dirt and oil from your hair, but they are dedicated to the hair and not to clean the skin of your face. If you have forgotten you usual cleanser, preferably rinse your face with just plain water.


Microneedling is a technique of aesthetic medicine that uses an electric pen with several microneedles to inject substances that stimulate the skin by boosting collagen production. This technique aims to treat skin aging. If you do microneedling at home without medical assistance, this process can be dangerous because tiny cuts can damage the skin.

Face scrubs

People with acne often have the habit of using this kind of aggressive scrub. It brutalizes the skin of your face. TO avoid skin irritation use gentle cream to clean your face.

Aggressive soaps

To avoid having rough, dry skin, avoid overly aggressive soaps. These soaps strip the skin of essential nutrients and deprive it of moisture. To protect your face, use soaps rich in natural products and vegetable glycerine such as Marseille soap or Aleppo soap which is composed of olive oil.


Most skin-care products have some form of artificial fragrance that can cause breakouts and skin irritation. These fragrances are often associated with allergies, dermatitis, reproductive problems and respiratory diseases. It can be found in perfume, moisturizers, cologne, body wash and conditioner.

Alcohol based products

Always read the labels of the products you buy, the alcohol in the products can dry your skin and cause skin conditions such as rosacea or eczema.

Mineral oil

Studies have revealed that mineral oil can clog pores. This can be the cause of deep skin lesions, blackheads or skin cysts. Commonly used mineral oils include liquid paraffin, liquid petroleum, paraffin oil, paraffin liquid, petrolatum liquid, petroleum oil, white mineral and white oil.

Chemical peel kits

You may think that home chemical peeling kits are an inexpensive way to get that flawless skin. In fact, it can only lead to further complications including scarring of the skin, swelling, blistering and allergic reaction. According to experts, chemical peeling does not respond well with ski bags, bulges and more severe wrinkles.


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