The Slightly More Complicated Method of Preparation ( Aloe vera formualtion)

The major flaw with the simplest method above is that it does not contain any hydrogen peroxide, which is used to inactivate and kill any bacterial spores that may be present during the mixing of the hand sanitizer or within the final container. The following method solves that problem (by adding just a bit of hydrogen peroxide).

If you do not have access to hydrogen peroxide, then the most straightforward method (above) will work just fine. However, if you want a hand sanitizer that is closer to the standards of the WHO and you can obtain hydrogen peroxide, then follow this recipe instead.

Note: This version of the hand sanitizer is quite like the formulation offered by the WHO, as it just eliminates the water from the formulation and replaces the glycerol with aloe Vera gel. Also, if you can follow the measurements correctly, your final product will have an actual alcohol concentration of 76.8 percent v/v.

Again, start by using isopropyl alcohol that is 99 percent (or higher).


–          99 percent (or higher) isopropyl alcohol (also known as 99 percent rubbing alcohol) 

–          100 percent pure aloe Vera gel 

–          3 percent hydrogen peroxide 

Other Materials:

–          Plastic or glass bottle or container with a leak-proof lid or a pump cap top 

–          Metal or plastic funnel 

–          Bowl 

–          Wooden, metal, or plastic spoon or paddle 

Proportions of Ingredients:

–          You will need 4 cups of isopropyl alcohol. 

–          You will need 1 cup of aloe Vera gel. 

–          You will need ten teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide. 

Step by Step Guide to Preparation

Step 1

Pour the 4 cups of 99 percent isopropyl alcohol into the bowl. Be careful not to splash or spill the alcohol, as it can be extremely harsh on your skin. If you want, you can wear gloves during this and all the other steps.

Step 2

Pour the 1 cup of 100 percent aloe Vera gel into the bowl.

Step 3

Pour the ten teaspoons of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide into the bowl.

Step 4

Stir the mixture together thoroughly using the wooden, metal, or plastic spoon or paddle.

Step 5

Using the funnel, pour the mixture from the bowl into the empty bottle or container.

Step 6

Screw on the top of the pump cap as soon as possible to prevent the alcohol from evaporating.

Step 7

Place the bottle of hand sanitizer in quarantine for 72 hours before using it. This will allow enough time for the hydrogen peroxide to take effect and kill any bacterial spores which may have been present during the mixing process or which may exist inside the bottle. After 72 hours of quarantine, your hand sanitizer is ready for use.


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