The amazing fruit litchi

Litchi fruit makes us the summer, litchi is not only good to taste but also looks good and it has various health benefits that is less spoken about. This juicy fruit has lot of vitamin C content and having just one cup can fulfil your daily value requirement of this vitamin. It is a great anti-oxidant which can clear the toxic materials from your body.

It strengthens blood vessels and has anti-viral compounds in its seeds which helps in fighting various viral diseases.

Here is the list of benefits that you can get from litchi.

Rich in anti-oxidants
Our body is attacked by free radicals that causes greater damage to the body. And also reactive oxygen species lead to oxidative stress and causes organ and tissue damage. Anti-oxidants in litchi helps in fighting against free radical damage and protects our body.

Modulates mitochondrial issues
Litchi is rich in phenolic compounds which is present in the pulp and it helps in protecting against liver injuries which are caused by stress. This process of protection is done through the modulation of mitochondria.

Helps in proper blood circulation
It helps int he formation of red blood cells and also ease the supply and circulation of blood through the vessels. This fruit contains magnesium, copper, iron, vitamin C, manganese, folate and helps in various processes of life.

Anti-viral properties
Litchis have proanthocyanidins that help in preventing your body from viral attack especially against coxsackie virus.

Prevents heart diseases
Litchi is full of flavonoids, anti-oxidants but also rich in fiber that helps in boosting your cardiovascular health. Fiber cuts down the carbs from food. This fruit is rich in oligonol which boosts the level of nitric oxide in the body. This helps in opening the narrowed down blood vessels and smoothens the flow of blood through them. This helps in lowering the blood pressure and prevents heart damage.

Prevents diseases
Litchi is rich in flavonoids which are anti-oxidant compounds. It is found in various fruits and vegetables. It prevents cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

Prevents inflammation
Flavanol rich litchi fruit extracts have anti-inflammatory compounds which are potentially beneficial in preventing inflammation in our body and prevents cancer. They help in preventing tissue damage and reduce inflammation caused by strain or pressure due to intense workouts.

Heals wounds
Being rich in vitamin C content it helps in healing wounds, maintaining teeth and bones and also prevents them from damage.

Quercetin content
This element is found in litchi, it is a powerful anti-oxidant and an excellent anti-inflammatory compound.

Strengthens blood vessels
Litchi does not only open the narrowed blood vessels but also strengthens them. It is used for strengthening hemorrhoids and varicose veins thus preventing bruising.


Litchi fruit has various health benefits.
It strengthens blood vessels and prevents many diseases.
Litchi is rich in flavonoids and phenolic compounds.
It is used for strengthening hemorrhoids
Litchis have proanthocyanidins that help in preventing your body from viral attack.
Therefore consume a lot of this fruit to stay strong and healthy.


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