Sweet potatoes are perfect

Everyone loves Irish potatoes but did you know that sweet potatoes may have even more health benefits? Sweet potatoes can be found in a variety of colours but the most common ones come in a yellow and orange as well as white and cream colour.
However, you can also get sweet potatoes in purple colour, but whatever colour of sweet potato you purchase they are all rich in minerals, vitamins and excellent antioxidants.

Here are few reasons why you should consider eating sweet potatoes more often

With sweet potatoes you get a lot of dietary fiber which is great for your digestive system health. It will relieve you of indigestion and constipation concerns.

The vitamin B6 in sweet potatoes is essential for preventing strokes and heart attacks.

It is a great source of folic acid that helps with fetal development in pregnant women.

You will get to build your muscles and tissues when you consume sweet potatoes regularly because of its potassium levels.

The beta-carotene in sweet potatoes will help to boost your hair to grow well while also providing moisture for your scalp and preventing the emergence of dandruff.

Sweet potatoes is rich in antioxidants such as beta carotene that helps with improving your eye sight and also with combating gout, arthritis, asthma, premature ageing and even breast cancer.

Sweet potato is rich in vitamin which helps to boost your body’s immune system to help you combat infections better.

Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin D which is a vitamin that will promote good skin, bones, teeth and heart while also boosting your thyroid gland function and energy levels.

Sweet potato has vitamin C in abundance and this will help to generate collagen. The vitamin E in sweet potatoes will regularise your skins complexion and it is also great for getting rid of dark spots.

Sweet potatoes have a compound known as anthocyanin that acts as an anti-aging compound and helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the face as well as dark circles round your eyes.

Sweet potatoes will help to boost your metabolism and this is great if you want to shed excess weight and body fat.

Sweet potato is rich in potassium that helps in improving your cardiovascular condition by regulating your blood pressure and balancing your body’s electrolytes.

You get a lot of vitamin A generating carotenoids from sweet potatoes which is great for eyesight as well as your respiratory system.

The manganese and iron in sweet potatoes will help soothe the pains you feel when you are on your menstrual period.

The magnesium in sweet potatoes will help you fight stress while potassium will boost your oxygen levels.

You get a rich source of iron when you consume sweet potatoes regularly, iron is important in helping your body generate both white and red blood cells, it is therefore crucial in combating anemia.

The compounds in sweet potatoes help to regulate your blood glucose level and this is good news for the people with diabetes.

The water used in boiling sweet potato is very useful in treating various skin conditions as it is known to cleanse your skin pores and get rid of harmful toxins.


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