Sunrise Spa Water

Greet the day with a toast to your health and happiness! This sunny food makes a beautiful addition to a home spa party, because the juices layer within the glass sort of a stunning sunrise. High in vitamin C and antioxidants, the citrus aids digestion and liver cleansing, and also the pomegranate juice is full of useful vitamins and antioxidants that fight free radicals. Pomegranate is additionally medicinal drug and wholesome and has been shown to safeguard the system from bound cancers.

YIELDS: concerning eight cups

4 cups water
1 orange, sliced skinny
1 Meyer lemon, sliced skinny
2 tablespoons xerophilous plant or honey, optional
3 cups nonsweet pomegranate juice (or cranberry or cherry Juice)
16–24 ice cubes, optional

What you may need: knife, chopping board, half-gallon pitcher, long spoon, strainer

1. To Make: Begin the preparation the night before you intend to serve. combine the water with citrus slices and xerophilous plant, if desired, during a pitcher. Refrigerate nightlong, permitting the flavors to infuse the water.

2. To Store: Store within the electric refrigerator for up to four days.

3. To Use: For an additional special stratified juice “sunrise” presentation, place 2–3 ice cubes during a clear glass. Add 1⁄2 cup pomegranate juice. Slowly fill glasses the remainder of the approach with the strained citrus water. Garnish with a slice of sunshine and a citrus slice and serve. Or, add the pomegranate juice to the pitcher and stir. Serve over ice if desired.


For actually healthy skin, you want to eat well and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! each cell in your body is dependent on water for correct perform, and a hydrous body could be a healthy body could be a stunning body.


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