Stress and depression

All the technology we have now days seem to be making the world spin at a much faster pace that it seems impossible to keep up with it.

From the media, which portrays all the worries of the world to social networking that has become just one more addiction in society, the changes we are seeing in the world today are enough to on their own to cause anyone to be anxious.

Today, we have the Internet, instant communication around the world. It adds to the normal workweek that has increased from 5 days 40 hours a week to 6 days 60 to 70 hours a week.

This adds to your stress, which in turn obviously would cause anxiety. The more stress you’re under, the higher your symptoms of anxiety are.

There are also more factors to include such as broken or blended families, layoffs galore, foreclosures, and higher prices for living.

The list can go on for quite some time, but the fact is we live in tough times, financially and emotionally.

All the stress, worry, anxiety and depression take a toll on the body, emotionally, physically.

These things can then turn into more financial problems due to lost workdays and the cost of doctor visits.

Then it all turns around in a circle and the added financial stress then add on more stress, depression and anxiety. It’s a vicious circle that just keeps on going.



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