Soothing Scalp and Hair Treatment

This biological science oil mix makes a deeply learning hair and scalp treatment for broken hair and split ends likewise as dry, flaky dandruff conditions. Fancy a dreamy scalp massage to assuage uncomfortable scalp conditions, facilitate free hair follicles, energize the scalp, aerate the roots, and stimulate hair growth whereas wholesome and deep learning your hair.

YIELDS: eight ounces

1⁄2 cup grapeseed oil
1⁄2 cup Rosemary-Infused Oil or jojoba oil
4 sustenance capsules
10 drops rosemary volatile oil
18 drops lemon volatile oil
24 drops lavender volatile oil
22 drops tea tree volatile oil

What you may need: dark-colored 8-ounce bottle with a pump prime (optional), comb or natural-bristled brush.

1. To Make: Place the funnel over your bottle and add the grapeseed oil and Rosemary-Infused Oil. Pierce the fat-soluble vitamin capsules and squeeze the liquid out into the bottle, discarding the gel caps. Add the essential oils, cap tightly, and shake to mix.

2. To Store: Store during a cool, dry place out of direct daylight and assign at intervals one year.

3. To Use: Ideally you would like to start out with brushed, tangle-free dry hair instead of wet or damp. If you’ve got permed hair, you don’t have to be compelled to brush it out 1st. Apply munificently to the scalp and so comb it through to the ends, applying a lot of oil as necessary to succeed in full saturation. Massage the oil into your scalp along with your fingertips for ten minutes. Wrap your head during a towel and leave on for a minimum of half-hour. The longer you’re ready to leave this learning oil on your hair and scalp, the better. Place a towel over your bed linen and you’ll leave this on long. Wash and condition your hair as traditional. It’s advised to scrub your comb and brush once exploitation them for this treatment.



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