Soothing Oil-Free Mask

Gain the hydrating, nourishing, and regenerative edges of vitamin-rich flax with none supplemental oil. This mild, skin-tightening, moisturizing facial mask can soften and fill all skin varieties.
YIELDS: 3–4 masks
1 cup water
1⁄4 cup flaxseeds
2 drops Chamaemelum nobilis volatile oil
What you may need: cooking pan, wire whisk, bowl, tea filter, tight-sealing instrumentation

  1. To Make: Place the water and flaxseeds within the pan on medium high heat. Stirring sometimes, use the whisk to stay the seeds moving and not projected to the pan. Once the mixture begins to boil, stir gently and perpetually. Once it starts to thicken slightly, flip down the warmth to low and keep stirring till the seeds begin suspending within the liquid rather than falling to the lowest of the pan. Take away from heat and strain liquid into the blending bowl, discarding the seeds. Add the Chamaemelum nobilis volatile oil and whisk to mix. Permit to chill utterly before use.
  2. To Store: This mask is best contemporary. Store in a very closed instrumentation within the white goods for up to 1 week.
  3. To Use: To use, unfold a medium thick layer of the mask onto clean skin. Leave on skin 10–15 minutes and wash with water. Follow with toner and moisturizer.


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