Skin whitening remedy with milk

All women want clear and radiant skin. Skin becomes dark due to hyperpigmentation resulting in uneven skin tone. Hyperpigmentation is due to accumulation of melanin. Skin whitening will make our skin vibrant,beautiful and glowing. Excessive exposure to sunlight causes skin damage, melanin production and causes skin tan. Production of melanin is also affected by genetic make-up. Hence here is an easy remedy which is proven to be 100% effective for all types of skin.

Benefits of milk on skin

Milk contains lactic acid will helps to reduce pigmentation, relieves skin burn, hydrates the skin and makes skin glow. Milk is an excellent cleanser, toner and moisturizer for our skin. Raw milk is better when compared to boiled milk because boiling the milk removes essential nutrients required for skin. Raw milk nourishes deeper layers of the skin and makes it flawless.

Skin whitening face pack

You need:
4 Teaspoon raw milk
Pinch of turmeric

You need to do:
Mix the contents in a glass bowl.
Apply this on your skin by circular motion using cotton.
Leave this pack on for 15 minutes and gently remove this mask by using cotton dipped in water.

The ingredients are easily available and this remedy can be used by almost everyone.
This remedy shows instant result.

Important tips:
Use this remedy on your skin in the evening time.
This remedy can also be used daily as a skin cleanser.
Add this remedy to daily skin care routine to get positive results.


Fair and clear skin is a dream of every woman. Milk is proven to be the best skin cleanser. Milk penetrates deeper layers of the skin providing nourishment. This remedy suits all skin types.


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