Remedy for joint pain

Joint pain is one of the most common medical problems these days. There are many factors that can cause joint pain, including wounds in the bones, tendons and ligaments around the joints. People suffering from joint pain may experience swelling, redness, limping, warmth, delicacy and difficulty in the movement of the joint.
Joint pain is very unpleasant condition. Many prescribed medications are available for joint pain, but they only provide short-term effects.

You can opt for natural remedy that will help you to get rid of joint pain forever.

Lemon is a fruit rich in minerals and vitamins like vitamin A, B6,C, B1, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, pectin, magnesium, etc. Almost half of the essential nutrients in lemons are contained in the peel. Because of its bitter taste people throw away the peel and use only the juice of this fruit.

Lemon peel has sterile and calming properties which can calm your nerve torment and change the well being of your veins. It can significantly soothe your joint pain. So, when you remove the peel you are throwing away a tremendous number of nutrients that can improve your health and prevent join pain.

To treat joint pain just grind the lemon peel and mesh the yellow part. Put the lemon peel on the areas where you feel joint agony. Put a wrap over them and let it stand for a few hours. You will be amazed by the results. You can place lemon peels in a jar and add enough virgin olive oil to cover them completely. Add few eucalyptus leaves. Close the jar tightly and let this mixture sit for two weeks. Dunk a cloth in this mixture and put it over the affected area. Cover it with gauze. Repeat this procedure every night before going to bed.

Another remedy for joint pain is preparing a healthy shake.
You will need one cup of oats, one cup orange juice, one teaspoon cinnamon, one cup water, two chopped pineapple into squares, half cup crushed almonds and one teaspoon honey.
Take a pot and place the water and oats in it for cooking. Once they are cooked, cool it down and then add oats in a blender along with rest of the ingredients. Blend it well to make a smoothie and add water as needed. Consume it cold.
This mixture will strengthen and repair the damaged tendons and ligaments.

These remedies are a must try if you are suffering from joint pain.



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