Put Together a List of Sources of Information

Once you know what the problem is, you need to compile a central database of all the possible solutions. You must be able to know where to go for such information. For example, if you were working on fixing the dryer you would have a list of different sources of assistance in learning on solutions.

Source 1: The Internet
Source 2: The mechanic who worked on the dryer last week
Source 3: The whirlpool manual
Source 4: The Whirlpool help hot-line
Source 5: My neighbor who’s a mechanic.

By putting together, a comprehensive list of things that may potentially offer solutions, you are then able to effectively go through that list and begin gathering information on how to actually solve your problem. Please note that the discovery process is still just about educating yourself as much as possible, the third phase, the action phase, is where we will actually begin to go about solving the problem.

When you choose to build the good habits of getting as educated as possible about each major problem that you face, you will be setting yourself up to live life as a problem solver!


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