Positive cadences

Continue on walking briskly, or if you can start jogging. 

These cadences should be positive in nature, describing what you want. 
Make sure you’re in cadence with your footsteps. 

Some example cadences: 

“I give love.  I get love”

“I’m feeling good.  Looking good.  Feeling strong.”

You can repeat one or more of your cadences as you wish and what you want your goals to be.  

Finish And Stretch.  Take 5 Minutes to stretch in silence.  Put on meditation music if you can.

You’re done. Eat some breakfast, drink your water and start your day. 

If you can, I also recommend you doing some weight lifting.  But this is icing on the cake.  You can do it right after your walk, or do it in the late afternoon after a full day’s work. 

Although not absolutely necessary, weight training at least three times a week for as little as 20 minutes, boosts your feel-good hormones, makes you stronger, improves your posture and can improve your general feeling of well-being and mental strength.

I recommend doing your walking/jogging routine first thing in the morning, because it really does prepare you for the day, both physically and mentally in so many ways. 

Your body is energized with the blood flowing through your body and mind as your heart pumps blood through your organs brain and your brain. 

What a way to start your day feeling invigorated. 


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