Natural remedies for Anorexia Nervosa

Anorexia is usually a eating disorder associated with digestive system, people suffering from anorexia have loss of appetite and unable to maintain their diet, they suffer from weakness, sleeplessness. Anorexia is due to bad eating habits and is seen in people who want to lose excess weight extremely. Patients suffering from anorexia always want to lose more and more weight. Extreme cases of anorexia need medical help, but it can be eliminated through home remedies. Severe cases of anorexia result in organ dysfunction.

Home remedies are highly effective and have no side effects.

Symptoms of anorexia
Symptoms of anorexia include fear of being obese even though being skinny, depression and social withdrawal, insomnia, fatigue, mental problems, lack of self confidence.

Healthy weight can be managed by eating nutritional fruits and vegetables.

Treatments for anorexia include cognitive behaviour therapy, family therapy, individual therapy.

Home remedies for anorexia

By consuming these home remedies along with psychological therapy can help in curing anorexia nervosa.
Home remedies for anorexia include ingredients like apple, ginger, orange juice, grapes, garlic, lemon and hot water.

Eating apple stimulates protein digesting enzymes such as pepsin which helps in digestion.

Ginger enhances hunger, stimulates appetite and makes the patient consume more food.

Orange juice works as a quick remedy, drinking a glass of orange juice five times a day, this remedy cleanses the system, aids digestion.

Lemon and ginger juice in warm water brings the body to optimum condition and relieves anorexia. It increases hunger and promotes healthy weight gain.

Grape juice improves appetite and digestion, drinking this juice everyday helps in gaining few pounds and feeling a lot more healthier.

Warm water cleanses the digestive system, acts as natural appetizer.

Yoga cures anorexia by calming the mind and enhancing hunger.


Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder where people are not satisfied with the weight loss and want to lose more pounds resulting in loss of appetite. There are few home remedies which improve digestive system and naturally cure anorexia. These home remedies must be tried regularly in order to get back to normal health.


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