Natural anti-aging cream

Buying a good quality night cream can be expensive. It is difficult to find a single cream that offers all the benefits. Some creams have the ability to make your skin lighter and reduce the signs of aging.

Some have the ability to get rid of dark circles. You need not buy separate night creams for nourishment of your skin.
Here are 3 homemade night creams that can give you healthy and beautiful skin.

Cocoa butter night cream

Cocoa butter is great for dull, dry and chapped skin. Cocoa butter is obtained from cocoa beans and it is one of the main ingredients in chocolate. It is a part of many beauty products like lipsticks, face creams and body lotions. This cream is one of the best homemade creams for treating scars and wrinkles. Cocoa butter is full of antioxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids. Cocoa butter deeply nourishes the skin and is considered to be one of the best moisturizers for dry skin.
For preparing this cream you will need ingredients such as 1 tablespoon cocoa butter, 1 tablespoon virgin olive oil, 1 tablespoon coconut oil.
Add all the ingredients and mix properly. Allow it to cool and store the cream in a container in a cool place.

Aloe vera night cream

Aloe vera works great to treat acne and blemishes. Aloe vera plant has been used as a cure for many years. It removes dead cells and improves the elasticity of the skin. It is besrt for oily and acne prone skin.
You can prepare this cream at home and use it daily. Aloe vera moisturizes your skin making it soft and supple.
You will need 2 tablespoons of aloe vera extracts, 1 teaspoon of lavender oil, 1 teaspoon of primrose oil.
Take aloe vera extract from the plant and mix it with lavender oil. Add 1 spoon of primrose oil and blend. Store the cream in a container and apply daily.

Apple night cream

This cream can be used if you want proper nourishment of your skin. It takes care of your skin giving you younger looking skin that is soft and smooth.  It is rich in antioxidants. It purifies the skin from within and gives you natural glowing skin. Apple is rich in vitamin C which prevents premature aging and enhances skin glow. Apple also provides little protection against tanning. It helps the skin to get rid of pathogens and excess oils. It will remove excess oil from the skin,
Cut the apple into small pieces and remove the seeds.
Blend with 1 teaspoon olive oil in a blender. Pour the mixture into a boiler and heat on low flame. Cool and add half cup of rose water to it. Store it in a container.
You can use this cream for up to one week if refrigerated.


Night creams are the best because they give overnight nourishment for the skin.
You can prepare night creams by using natural ingredients.
It has no side effects and benefits your skin.
Ingredients like cocoa butter, apple and aloe vera can be used for better results.
Use these night creams daily to get beautiful skin.


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