Method for the Preparation of 500 mL of Isopropyl Alcohol Hand Sanitizer

Here are the amounts of the reagents which you will need in order to make 500 mL of the second formulation:

–          You will need 375.75 mL of the 99.8 percent isopropyl alcohol. 

–          You will need 20.85 mL of the 3 percent hydrogen peroxide. 

–          You will need 7.25 mL of the 98 percent glycerol. 

–          You will need enough sterile distilled water or boiled cold water in order to fill the remainder of the bottle to the 500 mL mark (approximately 96.15 mL of water). 

Step by Step Guide to the Preparation of 500 mL of Formulation 2

Step 1

You will first need to pour the 99.8 percent isopropyl alcohol into the 500 mL plastic or glass bottle with the stopper that has screw threading. Do this by placing the metal or plastic funnel on top of the bottle to ensure that none of the ingredients spill or splash out of the mixing container.

Step 2

You will then need to add the 3 percent hydrogen peroxide into the 500 mL bottle by using the measuring cylinder. Again, use the funnel to ensure that the addition of this product does not get messy.

Step 3

Next, you will need to add the 98 percent glycerol into the 500 mL bottle with the use of a measuring cylinder. Because glycerol is very sticky and viscous and will stick to the glass wall of the measuring cylinder, the cylinder ought to be rinsed with some of that sterile distilled water or cold boiled water and emptied again into the 500 mL bottle.

Step 4

You will then top up the 500 mL bottle with the sterile distilled water or the cold boiled water to the 500 mL mark.

Step 5

Now, place the stopper or top with screw threading on the 500 mL bottle to close it as soon after preparation as possible, in order to prevent the solution from evaporating.

Step 6

You will then mix the solution within your closed 500 mL bottle by shaking it gently. Do not attempt to use an electric mixer, because this may cause the mixture to explode.

Step 7

You should then divide the solution up into the final containers in which it will reside. For instance, if you intend to carry some hand sanitizer around with you, make sure that you have appropriately sized bottles for travel use.

Step 8

Place the bottles which are serving as the final containers of your hand sanitizer in quarantine for 72 hours before you plan to use them. This period will allow for any bacterial spores which are present in either the alcohol or the bottles to be destroyed by the hydrogen peroxide. Whenever you distribute the hand sanitizer into its final containers, those containers should be placed in quarantine for 72 hours before you use the hand sanitizer contained within them.

Note: a 500 mL bottle of hand sanitizer can theoretically be carried around in public. It is about the size of a small water bottle, so you might not find it too cumbersome. If you choose not to dispense the hand sanitizer from the 500 mL bottle into smaller containers, then the 500 mL bottle itself will serve as the final container, and you simply need to wait 72 hours before using the hand sanitizer. Just make sure that the bottle is leak-proof if you intend to carry it around in public.


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