Litchi has a rough and red leathery skin and has a white, creamy fruit inside. It is a tropical fruit with sweet and fragrant flavor. They can also be dried and used in recipes like ice cream and desserts. It is usually round or oval and grows in clusters on evergreen trees.

• Litchis are rich in antioxidant vitamin C.It provides many B complex Vitamins and is a good source of Fiber too. The polyphenol Oligonol has antioxidant and anti-viral properties.
• Litchis have one of the highest concentrations of polyphenols among fruits, including rutin, a bioflavonoid known to strengthen blood vessels.
• Litchis contain an impressive array of vitamins, fiber and antioxidants. Litchi contains quercetin, a powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties, cancer-fighting heart-healthy kaempferol and more.
• The nutrients in Litchi like magnesium, copper, iron, vitamin C, manganese and folate, are required for blood circulation and formation.
• Litchis have one of the highest concentrations of polyphenols among fruits.7 Among them is rutin, a bioflavonoid known to strengthen blood vessels.
• For this reason, it’s often used for varicose veins and hemorrhoids, as well as bruising. In fact, a deficiency of bioflavonoids may allow blood vessels to break easier, which is why, if you bruise easily, you would likely benefit from more rutin.
• Prominent nutrients in Litchi fruit is vitamin C. Vitamin C is an anti-aging vitamin.
• Additional proanthocyanidins in Litchi seeds showed more potent antioxidant activity than even vitamin C.
• Litchi has been used in many cultures for the treatment of health conditions ranging from obesity and diabetes to cough.
• Litchi Fruit health benefits includes supporting healthy digestion, preventing cancer, fighting microbial, managing blood pressure, improving blood circulation, healing cold and flu, boosting immunity, a good source of oligonol, slowing down aging, a source of energy, and a good source of vitamins B
• Litchis are rich in dietary fibers, which are necessary for regular bowel movements. This keeps the intestinal tract and the GI tract healthy.
• Litchis are high in antimicrobial properties; these help the body create a stronger barrier against viral infections.
• Litchis help moderate and balance blood flow in the body
• Litchi has a good amount of iron and copper, which act as stimulators for the circulation of blood.
• Influenza can lead to severe health issues such as pneumonia and common colds are extremely uncomfortable as well as weaken the body’s immune system.
• Litchis contain plenty of vitamins and minerals that can help you plough through all that pollution and daily stress.
• The nutritional benefits of Litchis are comparatively greater than other seasonal fruits, and dried litchis are far more concentrated in nutrients.


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