Lemon flavorer Scrub

The Roman divinity of youth was symbolized by the lemon, that grows wild within the sun-soaked Mediterranean. This direction is of course high in vitamin C, that combats premature aging, lightens brown spots, helps balance drilling, and fights disease of the skin. Tart and sour lemons, spicy cardamom, and flower seeds close during this sweet and citrusy wonderscrub for your body-beautiful skin care routine.

YIELDS: regarding eight ounces

2 tablespoons flower seeds
1⁄2 cup refined sugar
Dash of ground cardamom
Zest of 1⁄2 lemon
1⁄4 cup grapeseed oil
1 teaspoon recent juice
What you’ll need: bowl, activity cups, fork, jars and lids to suit eight ounces of scrub

1. To Make: Place the flower seeds, sugar, cardamom, and lemon rind during a medium-size bowl. Add the oil and blend beside a fork till you have got a regular consistency. Lastly, add the juice and stir well to mix.

2. To Store: Store this scrub during a sealed instrumentation within the icebox and deplete among per week.

3. To Use: Use in situ of a soap or body wash in your shower or bathtub. Apply to damp skin in tiny, upward motions. Massage the scrub in tiny circular motions, beginning with the legs and arms, creating your far to the body part, ending at your heart. Rinse well.


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