Lavender-Infused Oil

Lavender’s aroma is at the same time stimulating and reposeful. It’s been famous to assist a headache and ease muscular pain and metastasis ailments. Lavender soothes and calms the skin, balances boring, speeds healing of scars and blemishes, and stimulates circulation for improved skin tone. Lavender is related to the third-eye chakra, whose attributes embrace intuition, imagination, mental image, and concentration. Lavender-Infused Oil could be a beautiful useful universal healing elixir for mind, body, and spirit.

YIELDS: eight ounces

1 cup contemporary or dried lavender flowers
8 ounces jojoba oil or carrier oil of selection
4 antioxidant capsules

What you’ll need: quart jar, activity cups, chopstick, filter (cheesecloth or tea strainer), 8-ounce bottle, funnel

1. To Make: If exploitation contemporary lavender, coarsely chop the buds and place within the quart jar. If exploitation dried lavender, crush slightly together with your hand as you place the buds into the jar. Cowl the plant matter fully with jojoba oil. Stir well with the chopsticks to get rid of any air bubbles and fully saturate the material. To avoid oxidization and spoilage of the contemporary herb, leave as very little air area as doable within the jar. Fill up with a lot of oil if necessary and tightly shut the lid. Label the jar with the date and contents and place in an exceedingly heat dark place to infuse for 2–4 weeks. Shake the jar daily. Once 2–4 weeks, strain the herb from the oil into a sterilized 8-ounce bottle. Pierce the antioxidant capsules and squeeze the liquid out into the bottle, discarding the gel caps. Place cap on tightly and shake well to mix. If you used contemporary lavender flowers, check back on this infusion once per week to ascertain if any plant juice has settled within the oil. If so, pour it out and place the oil into a clean dry bottle.

2. To Store: Label the bottle with contents and expiration date of two years. If you substituted another oil for the jojoba oil, alter the expiration date to the time period of the oil used. Store in an exceedingly cool dry place out of direct daylight.

3. To Use: Makes an amazing bathtub, body, or massage oil; see higher than for indications.


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