Key Areas Affected by Your Thoughts

Before getting into detail about how mental models can help you transform your life and your relationships, let’s take a moment to discuss key areas affected by your thoughts.

Your Self-Esteem

The way you think will have a profound influence on your self-esteem. Evaluate your thoughts for a moment and reflect on some of the things that you have been thinking about. Maybe you have been paying too much attention on the areas where you are not good at. It could also be that you have been stressing about the fact that things are not running smoothly in the business that you just established. Besides that, chances are that you have been trying to compare your life with that of your friends or colleagues.

Thinking too much about the negative aspects of your life only lowers your self-esteem. It diminishes the confidence that you have in yourself and your abilities. Focusing your thoughts on areas where you think you are incapable only confirms to your mind that what you believe about yourself is true.

Why should you put yourself through this pain? Negative thinking will only drain away your positive energy. You will never have the drive to strive for your goals. What’s more, your relationships with other people will be negatively affected. This is because there is nothing good that you see in the world around you. Therefore, you will want to separate yourself from the rest of the world. Ultimately, with isolation comes depression. You will feel alone in this world, something that you created for yourself by choosing to think negatively.

Moral Standard

It is worth stressing on the fact that you are what you think. Happy people will not waste their time thinking about all the bad things about this world. Emotionally, this only affects how you perceive other people and the world around you. Your thoughts will affect your moral standards. If you are happy about life and that you enjoy every moment you live in this world, you will want to live a healthy and successful life. Have you ever wondered how successful people find time to exercise and still handle their busy schedules? Well, they believe that it is also important for them to be healthy and fit to approach the hustle and bustle of their lives. Lazy people will always complain about the lack of time. This is because they waste their time doing unimportant activities.

Your morals will tell a lot about how you think. Similarly, your thoughts will define your morals. So, changing how you think will eventually affect the moral standards that you uphold.

Inner Peace

Finding peace within and without yourself is everybody’s desire. We all yearn to be happy by first finding peace within ourselves. Once you achieve this, you will find it easy to communicate with other people and express yourself naturally. However, when you lack peace, you lack joy. You will never be happy as you are always anxious about your life. Often, you will realize that you are not sure about how your life can turn out. The worst thing is that, you will feel as though you have lost control of your life. Who knows, maybe you have lost control because you don’t control how you think.

Taking control of your thoughts will help you gain control of your life. Remember, you are what you think. For that reason, if you grasp a firm control of how you think, then you will have taken control of your life. It’s simple, yes, but daunting to accomplish. Luckily, there are numerous mental models that you can use to make smart decisions.

Success or Failure

People who enjoy success in their lives have an interesting way of looking at things. While you might be skeptical about establishing a business, a successful individual will want to learn from their mistakes. To them, making mistakes is part of the long journey to the land of success. Consequently, they never consider mistakes from a negative perspective. Rather, looking at their mistakes positively gives them the energy they need to keep trying until they achieve their goals.

Therefore, success or failure is dependent on the direction that you choose to think. If you think that starting that business is difficult, then most certainly it will be a challenge for you.

However, if you think that it is worth the try, then you will want to learn something from what you will be doing. Basically, mental models such as the confirmation bias and the map is not the territory can help you attract success to your life by simply changing how you think.

Impact on Other People

Living a life full of bliss can be gauged on the type of relationships that you share with other people.  Therefore, the impact you live behind could tell a lot about the type of person that you are. Most billionaires that we strive to emulate have a legacy to leave behind. Individuals such as Bill Gates have helped millions of people through their philanthropic activities.

Usually, your thoughts will affect how you would want to relate with other people. If you fall in love with the world around you, you will want to help other people feel good about themselves. In the end, you will share fruitful relationships with other people.


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