Is Avocado good for diabetes?

Avocado  is a fruit which is popular and great for your health. It is rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Avocado is rich in fiber. Avocado has numerous benefits on your health and keeps you fit and health.

It helps in weight loss, prevents cancer, maintains bone health, keeps your eye healthy and reduces blood pressure.

Avocado is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. It is low in calories. Avocado maintains good heart health. Another important use of avocado is that it keeps diabetes at bay. Avocados are low in carbohydrates and they have no or very less effect on the blood sugar levels. Avocados are low in carbs which makes it a boon for the diabetic.

Avocados conatin fat which is monounsaturated fatty acids, these help to increase good cholesterol level. It improves insulin sensitivity.

Researches show that avocados help people to manage diabetes and improve overall health.

Diet and diabetes

Maintaining a healthy diet is difficult for people suffering from diabetes. Food which they consume play an important role in managing diabetes. People with diabetes must eat foods that lower cholesterol, blood pressure and regulate blood sugar levels.

Avocados are the best to keep diabetes under control and avoid severe complications. People will not have to worry about an avocado raising their blood sugar levels.

Effect of avocados on blood sugar levels

People with diabetes must consume food which is low in sugar and carbohydrates. The food which they consume must control their blood sugar levels. Avocado lowers blood sugar levels and is low in carbs.

According to the Department of Agriculture, United States, a medium avocado has only 17 grams of carbohydrates which is very less when compared to other fruits. About 1/5th of an avocado contains 1 gram of sugar and 3 grams of carbohydrates.

Avocado can be had along with other dishes to reduce blood sugar levels. Its fat and fiber content takes long time to digest and slows the absorption of other carbohydrates.

How much avocado diabetic people must consume?

Before making changes to the diet you must talk to your dietician. Total calorie intake must be considered. Avocado contains 250 calories. Instead of eating carbohydrate rich foods avocado can be eaten which maintains tour calorie intake. Attention must be paid to the type of fat which is being consumed rather than the quantity. This can help people control their calorie intake.

Diabetic patients must strictly limit the unhealthy fats. This includes saturated fats and trans fats, often found in fatty meats and restaurant foods.

Remember to count the carbohydrates of our foods you eat to monitor the blood sugar levels.


Avocados are an excellent cure for diabetes, it lowers cholesterol levels and regulates blood sugar levels. Diabetic people can easily rely on avocados to maintain health without worrying about their blood sugar level. Avocados are low in calories and helps in weight loss. Avocados are delicious fruits full of nutrients.


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