Implementation: Learn the Practice of Kaizen

If you want to learn to take action, but struggle when you see the monumental tasks required to overcome your problems, you might want to consider learning how to implement the practice of Kaizen.

What is Kaizen? It’s Japanese for change for the better. It is a philosophy based around the idea of continuous, small improvements in life that over time lead to major changes. The concept of Kaizen began after World War II, when Japanese businessmen were confronted with the reality that they had to rebuild a war-torn country that had suffered from extensive damage.

Rather than look at the entirety of a destroyed factory and try to tackle everything at once, they instead began to develop the philosophy of trying to fix what they could one day a time.

Kaizen is a problem solver’s mindset; it is not a simple solution to a problem but it is an approach that will allow for you to continuously change as you begin to work towards fixing your goal.


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