Herbal infusions

Herbal infusions are used for hundreds of years in natural healing. Soaking seeds, flowers, leaves, roots, or bark in liquid may be a time-honored and really straightforward technique of transferring the useful properties and beautiful scent (or flavor) of the material into a usable medium. You’ll be able to infuse material into alcohol, water, or oil, counting on the kind of plant you would like to infuse and also the desired application of the finished product. Whereas some infusions during this chapter—like the old school Rosewater and also the stratified Lavender Flower Water—will be created with water, the bulk are created with oil. We have a tendency to suggest mistreatment jojoba oil for the oil infusions, because it works well all told care recipes, will face up to sustained heat if needed, and encompasses a relatively long period of time of 2 years or a lot of.

The infused oil can have each the properties of its carrier oil and also the properties of the plants that were utilized in the infusion. Use these attractive infusions daily in your care program for face and body and commemorate creatively incorporating them into the fabulous spa product you create from this book. Your skilled worker infusions also will create stunning handstitched gifts for family and friends.


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