Healthy ways for gaining weight

People these days have become very much conscious about their health. As they think weight loss make you healthy, weight gain is also an important thing. Being underweight is an invitation for many health related disorders and weakness. You should neither be too heavy nor too skinny. Weight should be gained in a healthy way.

Being fat makes you look heavy and inactive. Exercise is necessary in order to stay healthy. If you want to consume more calories you must work out to stay fit.

Here are few foods which increase your weight in a healthy way

You can opt for nuts like almonds, walnuts, peanuts, hazelnuts etc. These nuts protect women from heart diseases, diabetes and cancer. They are highly nutritious.

Oilve oil

Make your meals with olive oil, it is extremely healthy and is used to regulate cholesterol , heart attacks and various other diseases. Olive oil is excellent for a women’s health.

Ice creams

Ice creams after your meal are rich in protein and fat. Since ice creams are made from pure milk which is very beneficial for your health. If you are planning to gain weight soon, you can have ice creams of your favourite flavour. Eating ice creams made with nuts and chocolate chips which increases calorie intake.


Lentils are rich in proteins and act as muscle builders. They can be cooked within ten minutes. They are easily available and you can have them by mixing with brown rice, sprinkling on salads or by having them alone as a side wish. Lentils help in preventing heart problems, lowers cholesterol. It helps in digestion, provides ample protein for the body and increases energy in our body.


Bread is rich in calories which make you fat. It is rich in carbohydrates, proteins and fibers. The best time is to eat bread is for your breakfast. You can have bread with breakfast in a number of ways. Bread and butter is a combination which is rich in calories. You can cook various dishes which are delicious as well as high in calories.


Chocolates help in gaining weight in a healthy way. You can have them alone or you can make various dishes with the help of chocolates. Dark chocolates are much more beneficial than any other type of chocolates. Chocolates must be rich in nuts and caramel. This increases your calorie intake.


Butter is made from milk which is rich in cream. You can’t have butter alone. You can include it in various dishes. Butter is rich in essential fatty acids which provides nourishment to your body. Adding butter to other dishes increases your calorie intake thereby making you feel more healthier.


If you eat a lot of rice and don’t burn your calories everyday, you are bound to become fat. If you need the calories as well as its nutrients, then have rice but do not feel lazy to burn the calories. Rice regulates blood pressure, cholesterol etc.

There are many beverages that help you gain weight. These drinks provide you with high calories which help you gain weight. These drinks make you reenergized if you were weak and lean. You can make a homemeade healthy weight gain smoothie using banana, avocado and mango.


Weight gain is important for lean people. Being fat makes you look heavy and inactive. But healthy fat is necessary. These foods are rich in proteins, carbohydrates and fibers. Nuts protect women from heart diseases, diabetes and cancer. The above listed foods are rich in calories and also provide nutrition to our body.


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