Healthy Salad- Pea Salad






• three-quarters cup dried inexperienced lentils

• 6 ounces thick-slice bacon — slice in half-inch items (approximately 6–7 slices; I suggested shopping for the strips directly from the butcher case among the meat department versus prepackaged)

• three-quarters pound baby red potatoes — quartered (new potatoes that square measure smaller than a golf ball)

• 2 tbsp wine vinegar — and further to style

• 2 tbsp stone-ground brown farinaceous mustard

•  one tsp kosher salt — and further to style

• 1 tsp ground black pepper — and further to style

• 2 cups peas — contemporary, either chilled and thawed

•  One-quarter cup sliced contemporary chives


1. Cook the lentils thus to the package directions metallic element until hard, adding a giant pinch of salt to the pot as they cook—they ought to be tender but not mushy and have a nice chew. Drain and place in an exceedingly huge bowl.

2. In an exceedingly huge pan over average-low heat, prepare the bacon metallic element until this is often crisp and therefore the fat has ready off, or so eight minutes. With a slotted spoon, exclude the bacon to a paper-towel-lined plate and slightly pat dry. Leave the bacon drippings among the pan.

3. Add the potatoes, increase the heat to average, and strew with salt and pepper. Cook, mix typically, metallic element until the potatoes square measure tender on the insides and crisp and golden on the outsides, or so twelve to fourteen minutes. exclude the pan from the warmth, then place the vinegar and mustard. boost coat the potatoes among the vinegar, mustard, and drippings, then scrape all of the pan contents within the bowl with the lentils. place the peas.

4. Add to mix, then provide the dish a style. place salt and pepper and/or a splash of vinegar (for a lot of tanginess) as desired. (I supplemented a bit little bit of all 3.) place the chives. relish instantly either refrigerate for up to 1 day. submit at or so twenty five °C.

Recipe Notes

• Refrigerate leftovers for up to three days. Relish at or so twenty five °C.

• The entire dish probably created in some unspecified time in the future ahead (including the dressing). You’ll additionally prepare the lentils some further in some unspecified time in the future beforehand.


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