Green Tea–Infused Oil

Green tea has tremendous edges as a care ingredient. It’s been shown to activate dying skin cells, thereby up the condition of the skin.

YIELDS: eight ounces

1⁄2 cup loose leaf tea
1 cup jojoba oil or copra oil (coconut oil is solid at 76°F (24.4°C); use copra oil for this infusion as a complete body butter in cooler climates)
What you may need: double saucepan, measure cups, rubber spatula, filter (cheesecloth or tea strainer), 8-ounce bottle or jar, funnel

1. To Make: Begin a double saucepan on medium heat. Once boiling, cut back heat to a simmer. Place the tea into the pan. If mistreatment jojoba oil, pour it over the tea leaves, saturating them. If mistreatment copra oil, soften it initial within the double saucepan then add the tea, stirring to saturate the leaves. Cowl and simmer on low heat for one hour. Check back each twenty minutes more or less to form positive there’s enough water within the double saucepan. Take away from heat, take the highest pot off the double saucepan, and let cool.

2. To Store: Strain tea from oil into a storage jar. The jojoba can stay liquid. Place the copra oil within the white goods to chill and solidify back to a solid butter kind. Can keep a pair of years or longer if hold on during a cool dark place.

3. To Use: To be used as a facial moisturizing oil: Mist your face with old school Rosewater or your favorite toner. Place a couple of drops onto the guidelines of your fingers and gently massage the oil into your facial skin.


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