Get glowing bright skin this summer

Does your skin look dull during summer? You will experience suntan, skin burn, excessive production of oil, acne and patchy skin during summer days. Yes you may apply creams and lotions to protect your skin, but your skin needs deep nourishment and care this summer.

So why not try easy home remedy which cleanses, brightens removes suntan from the skin.

However, moisturizing and hydrating your skin works the best. Avoid exposure to sunlight for long hours. Add antioxidants to your diet.

Summer facial for skin

This remedy brightens the skin, removes tan, spots and acne. It helps your skin stay refreshed and hydrated. There are three steps in this remedy.

Step 1: Cleansing

You will need:
Half tomato

You need to do:
Massage your face with half tomato for ten minutes and leave it on your skin for five minutes.

Tomato acts as a natural bleach, removes suntan and cleanses your skin.

Step 2: Steaming

After cleansing steam your skin using hot towel, place the hot towel dipped in warm water on your skin for five to ten minutes and wipe your skin.

Steaming your skin removes dirt ad pollution from the pores and cleanses your pores from within and makes your skin glow.

Step 3: Face mask

You will need:
Aloe vera gel
Rice flour

You need to do:
Mix half tsp of aloe vera gel and rice flour and apply on your skin.
Massage your skin gently for five minutes.
Leave for twenty minutes, wash with cold water.

Aloe vera gel is found to be best for your skin during summer. Aloe vera gel removes suntan, marks and reduces acne. It prevents pre-mature aging, improves skin tone. Make sure you use aloe vera gel which is free from chemicals and preservatives.
Rice flour detoxifies and whitens the skin.

Use this remedy once in a week to improve texture of your skin and to prevent skin problems.


Our skin has to face a lot of problems during summer. Oily skin, suntan, sun burn are the major problems these days. Using home remedies for protection and deep nourishment of the skin is the best option. Cleansing, steaming and exfoliating your skin relieves summer skin problems.


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