From Understanding to Action

In managing complex circumstances, we need something other than comprehension—we need to structure powerful activities. Looking at our psychological models and accomplishing further bits of knowledge can drive a group toward action in a manner that doesn’t occur on the off chance that you stop in the wake of drawing a causal circle graph.

By utilizing both the systems thinking and mental model structure to investigate a problem, we can all the more adequately move from shallow comprehension to more profound seeing, in this way, freeing activity.

Richard Karash has been encouraging systems thinking and the controls of authentic learning since 1991. He was a ranking staff part at Innovation Associates, an establishing trustee of the Society for Organizational Learning, an establishing individual from the SoL Coaching Community of Practice, and co-maker of “Instructing from a Systems Perspective.” He educates in initiative projects, trains experts, and does official instructing. 


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