Fresh Petals Mask

Cucumbers and roses area unit wide far-famed for his or her soothing, healing, and anti inflammatory effects on the skin. This soothing, refreshing combination of cucumber and roses is useful for all skin varieties and conditions, particularly sensitive, maturing, overexposed, sun-damaged, dry, or simply irritated skin.

YIELDS: 2–3 masks
1⁄2 little cucumber
1⁄2 cup contemporary rose petals
1 teaspoon contemporary Comfrey Oil, grapeseed oil, or your favorite carrier oil
What you may need: liquidizer, knife, board

  1. To Make: Cut the cucumber into chunks, discarding any excess water, exploit the pulp to create to create and place into the liquidizer. Next, add the rose petals to the liquidizer and canopy. Mix in brief bursts on high, adding the comfrey oil a bit at a time to attain a thicker however uniform purée. Take care to not overblend because the mixture might liquefy.
  2. To Store: This mask is best contemporary. Use now.
  3. To Use: To use, apply a thick layer of the mask onto clean skin. Leave on skin 10–30 minutes and rinse with heat water. Follow with toner and moisturizer.


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