Effects of Negative Self-Talk

If you experience the effects of negative thoughts, such as feelings that produce the emotional states of terror, rage, depression, remorse, embarrassment, and regret: 

• The muscles in your body are stronger, literally.

• The stress levels are rising.

• Changes in your biochemistry and hormone levels, and you may even have gastrointestinal or digestive problems with other physical symptoms.

Studies also show that negative people appear to be more anxious and less happy with life in general. Through comparison, you fill your brain with endorphins when you have positive thoughts, which allow you to calm so that you are more alert and focused.

Not only that, while reducing physical pain, positive thinking increases your experience of pleasure. And as a result, you are much more likely to be positive, ambitious, so inspired to attain your goals.

How to Stop Negative Self-Talk

But for some men, it’s easier to say than done to switch their negative thoughts to positive ones.

Most men, like themselves, have a lifelong habit of seeing the negative in all things. We try to justify their cynicism by pointing out all the negative things that are happening in the world and claiming we are “just being rational,” but in fact, all they do is undermine themselves mentally.

The good news is. You’re in control of your feelings because you’re their source!

That means you can learn to choose consciously to replace your negative thoughts with positive thoughts that will improve your life. Not all negative thoughts are the product of running wild with your inner critic.

There are other forms of negative thinking that you can build a healthier, more productive, and more fulfilling life if you can learn to recognize them and combat them.


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