Does Oatmeal be the secret to a really long life?

That’s what the Donnelly family, who now holds the Guinness World Record for oldest family, say accounts for their longer life.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Oats?

Improve Cardiac Health
Aid In Diabetes Treatment
May Help Relieve Constipation
Help Fight Cancer
Help Treat Hypertension
Improve Immunity
Can Aid Weight Loss
Promote Bone Health
Enhance Sleep Quality
Boost Energy
Good For Skin and Hairs

Nutritional Facts : raw – 100grams

Calories : 389
Water : 8%
Protein : 16.9g
Carbs 66.3g
Fiber : 10.6g
Fat : 6.9g
Saturated : 1.22g
Monounsaturated : 2.18g
Polyunsaturated : 2.54g
Omega-3 : 0.11g
Omega-6 : 2.42g
Sugar : No Sugar
Trans fat : No Trans fat

Vitamins and Minerals

Oats are high in many vitamins and minerals. The main ones are listed below.

Manganese: Typically found in high amounts in whole grains, this trace mineral is important for development, growth and metabolism.

Phosphorus: An important mineral for bone health and tissue maintenance.

Copper: An antioxidant mineral that is often lacking in the Western diet. It is considered important for heart health.

Vitamin B1: Also known as thiamine, this vitamin is found in many foods, including grains, beans, nuts and meat.

Iron: As a component of hemoglobin, a protein responsible for transporting oxygen in the blood, iron is absolutely essential in the human diet.

Selenium: An antioxidant, important for various processes in the body. Low selenium status has been associated with increased risk of premature death, and impaired immune and mental function.

Magnesium: Often lacking in the diet, this mineral is important for numerous processes in the body.

Zinc: A mineral that participates in many chemical reactions in the body and is important for overall health.


Oats are among the world’s healthiest grains.

They are a good source of many vitamins, minerals and unique plant compounds.

Oats also contain large amounts of unique soluble fibers called beta-glucans, which provide numerous health benefits.

These include lower cholesterol, reduced blood sugar and insulin responses, relieved constipation and improved immune function.

In addition to all this, oats are also very filling, and may reduce appetite and help you eat fewer calories.


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