Cuticle Saver Treatment

If you are doing housekeeping, garden, bite your nails, knit, cook, or add any profession within which you wish to scrub your hands perpetually, you most likely understand what sad cuticles desire. Soothe, condition, and repair them with this luxury botanic treatment liquid body substance.

YIELDS: one ounce

2 teaspoons extra-virgin vegetable oil
2 teaspoons herbal-infused oil
1 teaspoon grapeseed oil, unscented
16 drops tea tree oil
12 drops lemon oil
12 drops lavender oil
1 fat-soluble vitamin capsule

What you may need: dark- coloured 1-ounce bottle with a eye dropper prime, tiny funnel

1. To Make: Place the funnel over your bottle and add the oils. Pierce the fat-soluble vitamin capsule and squeeze it out into the bottle, discarding the gel cap. Add the essential oils.

2. To Store: Label with contents and expiration date of six months. Store out of direct daylight.

3. To Use: Use daily for improved nail and cuticle health. Apply a number of drops before hour, massaging the liquid body substance into your fingernails, the encircling cuticle skin, and your hands. For a deeply healing, moisturizing treatment, massage a generous quantity of the Cuticle Saver Treatment into the cuticle and fingernails. Leave on for 10–30 minutes, permitting the liquid body substance to figure its botanic magic. This mix absorbs terribly quickly, therefore there in all probability won’t be any excess, however if there’s, wipe off with a clean dry material. This deep treatment works best on unpolished fingernails.


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