Clarify Your Life Priorities

Once you’ve outlined your core values, you must use this data to finish another exercise which will enrich your life—clarify your life priorities therefore you recognize specifically however you wish to pay it slow, energy, and money.

Without knowing our priorities, we have a tendency to permit the pressures of life to work out our actions and choices. An email comes in, and that we respond. A tasty provide seems on our Facebook page, and that we perish. somebody interrupts our work flow, and that we permit it.
Here’s another exercise that we have a tendency to suggest which will assist you make out wherever you’re presently outlay it slow, energy, and money.

Answer the subsequent queries as honestly as attainable. (Also, take care to possess your list of private and skilled core values handy as you answer.)
• How abundant time per day does one feel you waste on activities unrelated to your core values (i.e., surfriding net, observance mindless TV, shopping, or operating during a job you hate)?
• How area unit you pin money unconsciously?
• How area unit you interacting with the folks you care concerning unconsciously?
• How does one build career choices (i.e., does one have a preset arrange or does one pay most of your day in “reaction mode”)?
• How abundant time does one pay worrying concerning however you must best pay it slow and money?
• What tasks, obligations, and relationships area unit you permitting in your life unconsciously?
• How area unit you neglecting different vital elements of your life that you simply ne’er appear to possess time for?

Now that you simply see however you’re really outlay your energy and focus, let’s verify the perfect means you’d wish to place the vital areas of your life.
For the sake of this discussion, let’s scrutinize seven main life areas to assist you determine your priorities and the way you wish to pay it slow and cash.
If you wish to feature or take away any of those areas, be at liberty to try and do therefore if they don’t apply to you currently.

The areas are:

  1. Career
  2. Family
  3. wedding (or love partnership)
  4. Spiritual/personal growth/self-improvement
  5. Leisure/social
  6. Life management (i.e., home tasks, monetary designing, budgeting, etc.)
  7. Health and fitness


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