Benefits of cardamom

You might have seen this spice in every mom’s kitchen. Cardamom is a highly fragrant spice from India and it is used in other dishes too. The varieties of food cooked in your kitchen and the famous masala tea that you relish during the winters, all carry this hot and everybody’s favourite spice called cardamom.  This spice is used in almost every major dish in Indian food.

Health benefits of cardamom

Provides good sleep

Cardamom helps to get rid of insomnia. If you  have fallen prey to insomnia, this spice when included in every dish you prepare in your kitchen, you can say goodbye to insomnia and get good sleep.

Breath freshener

Cardamom acts as a breath freshener.  It contains an active ingredient menthol in it, it is popularly chewed as a breath fresheners. The seeds are characterized by the powerful aroma.

Removes toxins

Cardamom works as a detoxifying agent for your body. Our body contains lots and lots of toxins. Toxins of the body are released and this is a result of metabolic activity that takes place through the day.

These toxins are required to be flushes out. Cardamom acts as a detoxifying agent that helps in flushing out all toxins from your body.

Improves digestion

Cardamom treats gastrointestinal issues. It has been used from ages in all ayurvedic medicines. Even the Chinese are now using this Indian spice in their medications as well. This treats all gastrointestinal problems like acidity, cramps and stomach ache.

The oils of this spice helps in strengthening the mucus lining in the stomach. It increases saliva generation in the body. A strong stomach lining increases appetite and this relieves acidity and cools the stomach.

Strengthens joints

Cardamom has anti-inflammatory properties and eating this can work wonders by alleviating joint pains. It helps in strengthening the joints and mucles. Thus it relaxes the pain and cramps that you get while walking or running.

Treats sore throat

Cardamom is widely used to treat a sore throat. Include this spice in your cup of tea daily and see the results in no time.

Weight loss

Healthy weight management is an important thing these days. Cardamom helps in reducing weight, those who work out regularly it aids in weight loss. If you are hitting the gym you can chew a piece of cardamom daily.

Blood circulation

Cardamom improves blood circulation. From the time of our ancestors, cardamom improves blood circulation. It prevents stress, anxiety and depression. Get used to eating cardamom regularly to see best results.

Dental health

Cardamom enhances dental health, its medicinal properties keeps all the dental problems at bay, it works as the best home remedy to treat all oral problems.

Cardamom is beneficial for various issues. Other medical conditions like urinary tract disorder or cystitis and other severe health issues have been dealt with by eating this amazing spice. Including this spice regularly in the diet works wonders.


Cardamom is a highly fragrant spice from India. It is rich in nutrients and has amazing health benefits. It works as the best home remedy to treat all oral problems.
Cardamom improves blood circulation and manages weight. It prevents cold and also helps your metabolism. Include cardamom in every dish you cook and stay healthy.


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