Avoid purine foods

Purine is produced in our body, also found in certain types of food items. After you consume such foods, it then processes and after breaking turns into uric acid. It is noticeable that it might result in crystal form. It gets deposited into joints causing pain and inflammation. Widely this is known as gout which causes severe pain in the joints.

If you consume high purine foods you might have problems such as kidney stones.  You need to understand about high purine foods.

To avoid any such severe conditions, all you need to do is avoid more significant quantities of high purine foods.

Here are purine rich foods which you need to avoid


Those who suffer from gout must prevent meat organ, to limit purine intake – one must not consume caviar. Duck also contains considerably higher levels of purine in it and chicken lovers must avoid consuming chicken to prevent higher purine intake. Other common sources of purine amongst meat include fish, ham, lobster, turkey, lamb, shrimp, venison etc. Avoid these foods to be free from purines.


Fishes are the most common sources of purine and from variety of mouth-watering fishes, sardine is consumed in tremendous amount that can effectively result into gout reaction. Other fishes include perch, codfish, halibut, mackerel, tuna and herring.


Raisins are dehydrated grapes and they contain high concentrations of vitamin B, iron, potassium etc. They have more of healthy carbohydrates as they contain higher purine content in them.


Lentils are the unavoidable part of Indian cuisine and they contain high amount of fibers along with protein. Those who wish not to consume much of purine must limit the consumption of lentils.

Sunflower seeds

People love sunflower seeds. Specially they have sunflower seeds  for evening snacks. But, sunflower seeds are supposed to be avoided if you are suffering from gout.  It is not necessary to eliminate consumption of sunflower seeds, but might need to cut down the serving size of the seeds.


Alcohol contains high levels of purine which will result in increase of uric acid production which leads towards gout. Alcoholic beverages as well as beer, wine are high in purine levels.


Tofu is a rich source of protein as well as calcium. It is made from soybean. Consuming higher amounts of tofu will not be a good idea if you consider amounts of purine in it.


Vegetables such as cauliflower, asparagus, broccoli contain high amounts of purine in them. The soil in which these vegetables have grown is a considerable factor.


Mussels are the favourite dishes of almost everyone, but you need to entirely avoid them in case you are diagnosed with gout. Even 100 grams of mussels might have 100 milligrams of purine along with 170 calories in them, avoiding mussels and other shellfish would be a healthy decision if you want to avoid gout.


Peanuts have high amount of biotin and protein in them. If you have been diagnosed with gout, you need to eliminate peanuts consumption from your diet. It contains higher amounts of purine in them. Hence, avoiding the above mentioned high purine foods, one can also consume more water that will also help you relevantly.


If you consume high purine foods you might have problems such as kidney stones.
Kidney problems are the most serious issues dealt by few people.
The foods mentioned in this article are very rich in purine content, they can be eaten by healthy people undoubtedly but should strictly not be consumed by people suffering from gout.
You need to understand about high purine food and avoid them as muchas possible to prevent high purine content.



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