Applying Creativity to Improve your Life

Are you one of those people that have completely given up on creativity? There are a lot of people like this, never seeing creativity as a way to improve their lives in any way. Many see creativity as hobby-orientated and never think to apply it to any situation where a solution is required.  There isn’t one answer to every situation, there are many, and using creativity opens up a whole new world, bringing tons of benefits with it. 

Some people mistakenly see creativity as an obstinate attitude and they feel that, when others insist on doing something in a different way, this indicates that they are stubborn. In fact, creative people have more ideas, better ideas and better solutions to a situation than anyone who doesn’t use the creative part of their brain.

Don’t hold good ideas back

We are all different and we are all free to see things in any way we choose, in our own unique ways.  Any way that you interpret a situation is creativity at work and, when you use that creativity to its best, you will find that you can come up with loads of different and innovative solutions for times when you need a quick answer.

Do you remember a TV show called MacGyver? He was a very creative character, using anything that came to hand to get himself out of a tight situation and that is something that anyone of us can do.


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