Masks for Combination and Normal Hair

Mask for Combination Hair
Combination hair tends to be oily at the roots, however dry and broken towards the ends. This sort of downside is usually because of over-styling. Hair masks for greasy hair also are useful for combination hair however need to be applied solely to the roots of the hair. Once you end laundry the hair perpetually comb the hair ends with some drops of expressed almond oil, copra oil, nutrition oil, grape-seeds oil, shea or jojoba oils.

Masks for traditional Hair

Normal hair does not have several issues, typically appearance shiny, while not several split ends, and is straightforward to manage. If you wish your traditional hair to be healthy and long, you’ll get pleasure from these home-baked hair masks:

Milk and Honey Mask
Mix 2 tablespoons of honey with half a cup of slightly warm full-fat milk and apply equally on hair. Cowl with a cap associated leave for half an hour then remove with a light shampoo.

A nutritive traditional Hair Mask
Mix 2 tablespoons of honey, one tablespoon of expressed almond oil and one tablespoon of apple vinegar. Apply to the roots beforerinsing your hair and comb through. Leave the mask on for associate hour, then rinse it out.

Brew Treatment for traditional Hair
Beer is formed from malt and hops, that contain proteins and sugars and are believed to repair hair broken by chemical process, sun, halogen and pollution. Brew is additionally believed to create hair shiny by alteration the hair cuticles.
Blend one banana till utterly sleek and blend in one egg. Add ½ cup of flat brew and mix some additional. Apply to scalp, roots and every one the hair to the ends. Leave the mask for some hours, and so shampoo out.

Beer Rinse
Mix half a cup of flat brew and half a cup of apple vinegar. Apply to hair once shampooing, leave for some minutes then rinse with cool water. It’ll act sort of a rattling conditioner and can provide shine to your hair.

Create Mask
Beat associate fixings with some drops of fat-soluble vitamin, fat-soluble vitamin and a teaspoon of physic. Add a teaspoon of hard liquor and stir. Apply the mixture to your scalp and gently massage in. Leave the mask for 2 hours and wash your hair with a light shampoo. Use doubly a month for best create effects.

Copra oil Mask
When applied on wet hair, copra oil will do wonders for its shine, health and volume. You’ll additionally use a awfully bit of copra oil on the ends of your hair once showering as a detangler and as a daily moisturizer.

Clay Mask for traditional Hair
Mix 2 tablespoons of white clay with 2 tablespoons of oil, associate fixings and a tablespoon of hard liquor or. Stir well and apply to dry hair. Cowl with a cap associated leave for an hour then wash with shampoo.


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