Teak’s high oil content, high tensile strength and tight grain make it suitable where weather resistance is desired. It is used in the manufacture of outdoor furniture and boat decks. It is also used for cutting boards, indoor flooring, counter tops and as a veneer for indoor finishing.
The teak tree grows to a height of 100 to 130 feet.
Teak is a hardwood, but teak wood is softer than most domestic hardwoods and even some softwoods. Teak heartwood is golden- to medium-brown in colour. The surface feels slightly greasy due to the presence of natural oils. Because teak wood is rot resistance, it finds its best uses outdoors. It’s common for outdoor teak furniture to last for 70 years or more, even when exposed to rain and sun. Indoors, it lasts even longer.

Teak’s natural oils prevent rot, so finishing is not a requirement. However, unfinished teak quickly turns gray when exposed to direct sun. You can preserve the natural colours by coating outdoor furniture and woodwork with spar or marine varnish, which deflects the ultraviolet radiation that breaks down the surface layer of wood and causes the discoloration.
The best way to preserve the colour of indoor teak is to give it a coat of teak oil. This is actually a highly penetrating mixture of tung oil and varnish. Outdoor furniture and woodwork made of teak, whether finished or unfinished, needs periodic cleaning to prevent mould buildup and keep it looking its best.

Teak is an amazing timber and is one of the most sought after because of its immense durability. The timber is suitable for outdoor use as well indoor environments with high moisture content like kitchens and bathrooms.There are many things Teak wood can be used for and most of them are outdoors where the timber will have to stand up to wear. The main use is usually for decking on boats because it is very resilient to water damage and can withstand huge amounts of stress without warping or splitting. Teak is one of the most important tropical plantation species and is thought to cover almost 6 million hectares worldwide; teak production covers 1 percent of global annual timber demand. However, timber from plantation teak is considered less dense and resistant to rot and insects than teak from natural forests. Teak is known for its incredible durability and water resistance. Teak has a high oil content, giving it the highest decay-resistance among all natural wood products. …Teak is resistant to termites and other pests. Because the wood is so resistant and durable, it generally requires little maintenance. Teak wood is moderately heavy. So a simple check on the wood weight can reveal it down. Teak is one of the most common tropical hardwood trees that has managed to become a mainstay of the wood processing industry.


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